First YouTube video live

OK, so I’m a little late with this, but my first video, the “Amazon Toolkit Review & Repair” video, has been live on YouTube now for nearly a month.

It wasn’t the intended first video, as I wanted to dive straight in with unRAID and virtualising my home PC’s – however when the toolkit arrived from Amazon it had a defect – the bit inside the handle just spun round.

I needed to get my first video done, mainly so I could practice sitting in front of the camera, filming, editing, and uploading something.  I’ve read many times that creators don’t like their first videos, but you never move onto your second unless you upload your first!

Turns out I had mucho fun making this video, even if all I do is fix a screwdriver with epoxy resin (which still works a month later).

The video is here:


Work and home commitments have pushed back the filming of the next video, but I have started putting together bits for the unRAID server.  I’ll get some blog updates done soon!

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