Welcome to the website of   SMS Projects – IT… Tech… Toys…   I’m Stu Stones.

Me! It’s 2019, and this site is due an overhaul!  I’ve recently moved it from shared hosting to a new Fast WordPress Hosting container from HA Hosting.  There’s a blog post about it here!

By day I’m the Technical Director at High Availability Hosting in Sheffield, where we do servers, colocation, hosting etc… If you’re in the market for any of these, I recommend you check out www.hahosting.com

I wanted somewhere to blog the tech knowledge I accumulate, and to share the various projects I find myself doing, after all part of the fun of doing a project is sharing it!  I also have a (sadly neglected) YouTube channel, where anything I’m able to film, and is interesting enough, will go.

I’ve been fortunate to work either in Data Centres, or large organisations for most of my life.  Most of what I do now is either virtualisation or Data Centre infrastructure, which is where my skill set his shifted.

My skill set is wide and varied, including Microsoft, Linux, Proxmox, Cisco, Vyatta (VyOS), network design, and security.  I’m also able to use most power tools without loosing fingers, and I’m also a qualified electrical installer, but don’t tell anyone, people always ask me about sockets in kitchens…

At my heart though, I’m still a techie, and I still like taking things to bits 🙂

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The organisations & projects I’m involved in…

HA Hosting, Sheffield
Hosting, Colocation, Data Centre
Holbrook Telecom
VoIP, SIP Trunks, Hosted Comms
High Availability Hosting LimitedHolbrook Telecom Limited